400% Growth Through Content Iteration with CrossRope Srdjan Popovic

October 8, 2020

For our latest podcast, we sat down with Srdjan Popovic, Chief Marketing Officer of Crossrope. He happens to be a DTC Newsletter superfan.

Crossrope is on a mission to become a household name in the fitness space. They have innovated the jump rope with their weighted, interchangeable ropes and accompanying app providing portable workouts that can be activated anywhere.

Crossrope has seen a 400% growth in the last year. How? Srdjan credits three key elements:



Access to an extensive library of footage

🔑 Agility & iteration are essentialIterative creative is essential.

With a process of agile creative, and clear communication between teams to close the feedback loop, Srdjan and team have had success tracking and evaluating what creative approaches are working across different touchpoints and then acting on their findings as soon as possible in other campaigns. Their strategy requires data-based decision making and quick pivots - if something isn’t working change it, and change fast.

🔑 Create LOTS of content (more than you think you need)

Have a comprehensive library of content and footage that you can work with to activate in different stages of your funnel. The benefit of an extensive library is that you can quickly pivot at a moment’s notice towards newly discovered opportunities (as outlined above) - you don’t want to miss out on the moment, so preparation is critical.

For example, when COVID hit, Crossrope immediately pivoted to an at-home focus appealing to the new reality of isolation and work/play from home. They were able to shift immediately and reframe their entire campaign thanks to their bank of material.

TIP: When filming creative, Srdjan advocates shooting multiple concepts. Shoot a few different intros and angles so that you have “play-dough” to work with, allowing you to pivot should your initial vision for your content not land with consumers. The first 3 seconds of any video are the most important, so be sure to film multiple hooky intros.

Read on for other value bombs from our conversation with Srdjan:

🔑 Meet your customers where they are

Srdjan advocates for meeting the customer where they’re at, appealing to their actual circumstances, rather than aspirational ones. Meeting people where they’re at can be as simple as pivoting your messaging based on seasonality. In the Crossrope context, their summer messaging pivots towards jump rope as an outdoor workout you can take on roadtrips. Where Christmas time messaging would shift to fitness goals and meeting your new year’s resolutions.

TIP: Crossrope has a private Facebook group for users to build community and accountability - this has been a great tool for their team to connect with customer needs and capture what they’re talking about, and what they’re looking for. Twitter and LinkedIn can also function as a starting point for harvesting this information.

🔑 Rely on Experts

Srdjan relies on creative agencies, funnelling specific work to specific partners, knowing where to turn when he needs an assist in a particular niche. If you need expertise - go to the experts.

✈️ Build the plane as you’re flying it

Srdjan’s career to date is based on his ability to solve problems on the fly. As he put it, “building the plane as you’re flying it.” You don’t need degrees on degrees to make things happen for yourself, but you do need to know how to solve problems and have a willingness to learn. Everything can be self-taught with the right tools and resources. Your top skill is your ability to learn and learn quickly as things move around you.

In addition to all this actionable intel, Srdjan also gifted us with a promo code! Get 10% off any jump rope set with code DTC10. (Alexa, play Jump by Van Halen 🤘🏼)📦

Watch your sneak preview of this week’s full pod for some insight on podcast ads, how to infuse comedy in your creative, how Srdjan activates on DTC value bombs, and to hear us bask in Srdjan’s praises -  it’s almost too much. (just kidding, keep telling us we’re great!)

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