💎10 Million Diamonds: Scaling a Luxury Brand 10X

May 28, 2020

🚀🪑Welcome to Rocket Seat, where we talk with a current Pilothouse client to uncover their story of scale and reveal the tactics and strategies we've worked together to enact.

Amir Meghani is a watch man. He comes from a watch family with deep roots in the business. Now, with JBW, he's set over 10 Million Diamonds and iced the wrists of thousands of Americans.

In an accessories market decimated by Covid, and 40% down over all, JBW has continued to scale with its direct to consumer marketing program built as a near perfect partnership between JBW and Pilothouse.

Today we dive deep on the importance of deep product roots, influencer whitelisting, and in-house creative. We also showcase what an ideal client/agency relationship looks like. By bringing in lead buyer Nate Vankoughnet and creative director Cam Wind, as well as JBW's Head of Growth Frank Alfaro III, we give a complete breakdown of the strategies that have had the most impact.

02:27 - Intro  

03:35 - Amir’s Family History of Watches

07:05 - The early days of instagram celebrity hustling

08:58 - When Pilothouse started on the account

10:10 - How did JBW watches get sold on Pilothouse?

13:23 - First few months for JBW/Pilothouse

14:55 - Who is JBW’s Customer Avatar

18:19 - JBW a perfect entry to the high end watch market for people who like living loudly and appreciate quality
22:00 - Frank’s creative insights for luxury brands (video and whitelisted influencer campaigns)

23:10 - Nate’s creative insights

24:16 - Amir’s attention to high quality in house creative

26:57 - Pilothouse’s white listing campaigns with JBW

28:29 - Need something on the screen that clarifies “*40 Influencer collabs a month, the top ones are whitelisted

28:58 - Next Level - Getting Influencers to promote JBW content

29:50 - How Pilothouse is getting JBW AOV up with page and funnel testing

31:21 - Focusing pages on the best selling products

32:17 - How much do we iterate together with JBW on creative 10-50 new creatives per week

33:30 - Pilothouse is on top of ROAS even while testing this much

34:15 - JBW has 10xed with Pilothouse

34:43 - JBW gets bageled on their own foos table by Pilothouse (SNAP)

35:05 - PIlothouse’s trip to JBW offices in Dallas

35:30 - Luxury items down 50% during covid, but not JBW

37:25 - Importance of clean payment issues (push the gas hard)

37:45 - JBW Goal - Top Five Luxury Watch Brand in the US

40:40 - Ultimate JBW influencer Kevin Hart, Kylie

42:40 - 2020 plans - Beefing us luxury customer service, and improving CRO

43:54 - Some big developments for luxury fashion Amir Teases

44:43 - Nate Overall paid social goal is 10x AGAIN - This would be a good short stinger (before I start talking)

45:28 - YouTube faces for thumb

46:05 - Eric Summarizes JBW’s massive moat

Let's scale your brand

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